Located at the center of Waupaca County in Symco, Wisconsin. The Union Thresheree Grounds plays host to three major events each year: the Spring Tractor Pull, the Union Thresheree & Symco Hot Rods & Kustoms Weekender. This 33 acre piece of land has been in the Larry Werth family for over 70 years.

welcome to the union thresheree!

“Preserving our agricultural and homesteading heritage and celebrating the technologies of yesteryear.”

***NEW FOR 2016***

**Young & Old... Drive Your First Tractor**


  • Pull to be held Friday of the show at 2:30 PM on the Pulling Track
  • Registration and Scales will OPEN at 1:00PM and CLOSE at 2:15PM
  • This pull is for 9N, 2N, and 8N Fords with 4 cylinder engines
  • Tire sizes can be no larger than 12.4 x 28 or 11.2 x 32
  • Maximum weight of tractor with operator can not exceed 2700# 
  • Draw bar pull height 20”
  • Entry fee is $10.00 
  • Trophies given to first and second place

2016 Feature:

Ford & Fordson Tractors,
Doodle Bugs &
Sandwich Gas Engines

2016 Feature
2016 Feature

This Years Events:

Updated: 07/26/2016